For nearly forty years, Homebridge has set the standard for high-quality, compassionate, in-home and community-based care for individuals who qualify but cannot access In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS). Our commitment to ensuring access to home and community care for all who need it has led us to innovate through local, state and national partnerships at the intersection of home care, healthcare, and caregiver workforce development.

In addition to providing direct care services in San Francisco, Homebridge is California’s largest caregiver training provider, offering a broad array of online and in-person education and advanced skills training to caregivers throughout California.


The Homebridge Model of Care

The Homebridge model of care is rooted in a commitment to meeting the diverse and often complex needs that support a client's ability to live safely at home with dignity and community connection. Our personalized and comprehensive home-care services and expert training programs bridge the gap across healthcare, behavioral health, housing supportive services, and social services delivery.

We provide our caregivers with ongoing skills development training and small care teams of wrap-around support to ensure quality care for beneficiaries at significant risk of adverse health and wellness impacts due to both medical and behavioral complexity. We also aim to support our caregivers with opportunities for wage growth leading to career ladders into community care, certified healthcare careers and program administration.


Our History

Homebridge was founded in 1985 by nonprofit community-based organizations with a vision to improve access to In-Home Support Services (IHSS) for “at risk,” behaviorally complex beneficiaries who were without networks of support. Over time, we became one organization, providing IHSS care management and direct services under a contract with the City and County of San Francisco to provide services to San Franciscans who would otherwise be unable to access their IHSS benefits.

With a founding value of appropriate skills training for our in-house workforce, in 2023 Homebridge bridged its deep knowledge of home care training into becoming California's major provider of skills advancement through the IHSS Career Pathways program.