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Welcome to the Homebridge
Caregiver Training Academy

The Homebridge Caregiver Training Academy is California’s premier provider of education and training opportunities for home care providers. This work is built on our decades-long expertise in providing skilled, compassionate, client-centered care tailored to individuals with complex health, behavioral, and social needs.

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IHSS Career Pathways and CalGROWS Training

Training courses available statewide in 5 languages across 64 subject areas. Close to 200 classes available through online and in-person trainings throughout California.
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Removing Barriers to Caring Careers

In Summer 2024, Homebridge will launch a new Vocational English as a Second Language Home Care Immersion Training Program (VESL), with Bay Area community partners and with the support of the California Workforce Development Board. The program will open doors for caregiver employment to qualified individuals whose native language is other than English through immersive on-the-job language and ongoing skill development training.
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Supporting Caregiver Connections

Enhancing caregiver wellness and mental health is a hallmark of Homebridge caregiver training with classes designed to meet the specific needs of home care providers in a variety of in-home and community environments. The online Caregiver Community Connections portal facilitates caregiver connections and sharing.